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Red Lobster Coupons can save you up to 25% off your bill. Find the latest Red Lobster coupons, coupon codes and promo codes here, and learn all about the Red Lobster Menu and the Red Lobster locations on our fan page.

If you love the Red Lobster restaurant and love saving money too, then you have come to the right place. We collect and write about any new promotion from America’s best seafood restaurant chain, as soon as they become available. Just keep checking back from time to time. In addition, we write about menu changes and have added videos on how to find the latest coupons in general.


Red Lobster is the most famous seafood reastaurant in North America. The restaurants have an impressive variety on their menu and have had enormous success in the last decade, but the company is not stopping here:  Even after opening 700 branches, the company  is still expanding in USA,  United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan with more countries to come.

Why are they so successful? One reason, of course, is the quality of their food, but also because they know that American’s love getting a good deal.  The food somehow tastes better, when you know that you are getting a great bargain and you only have to look back at the famous all-you-can-eat-of-shrimp offerings, that the company introduced early on. This deal happen once a year and the success has been immense. The company probably loses money on this deal on the particular day, but the buzz of the bargain brings in so manu new customers that it more than pays for itself in the months and year that follows.

The strategy with coupons is similar: The company make less when a customer uses a coupon or coupon code, but the experience for the customer is so positive that this diner is very likely to return another time.

For the customer, its also a winning situation: You are getting a great discount after all, so you just have to take advantage of it.

Where to find Printable Red Lobster Coupons?

There are 4 basic media,  through which companies like Red Lobster offer their coupons: Print media, Mail to your door, online and through mobile phones.

1) Print media. 75% of coupons are still offered through local newspapers and magazines. Just check your local newspapers, especially the Sunday edition, for Red Lobster coupons once in a while and you will be in luck.

2) Check your junk mail in your letter box. You will be surprised how many valuable coupons that you can actually find this way, once you start treating these coupons as ‘money’ and not as junk.

3) Look Online. Do searches for ‘printable coupons’ online to find some of the latest coupons online. However, search engines does not know how to distinguish between old and new coupons, so 99% of Red Lobster printable coupons, that you find online WILL have expired already. The best bet is to check Red Lobster;s own website occasionally, or to sign up for their ‘Fresh Catch’ loyalty program, for the newer coupons to be emailed directly to you. You can also check our website regularly for the latest 2012/2013 Red Lobster coupons codes, as well. These are  used, when you book your meal online in advance.

4) Mobile coupons. This type of coupon is still not that widespread, but the trend is leaning towards this type of coupon in the future. A company will typically send a unique coupon code directly to your phone, when you send a sms to a company number. Alternative, you have to first download an app for your phone, that automatically gives you access to the latest coupons.

Red Lobster coupons 2012 and 2013: The Red Lobster restaurant chain takes its name from the ' Eunephrops bairdii', aka the 'red lobster', which is endemic to the caribbean sea. It is an amazing animal and unfortunately for the lobsters, also an extremely tasty one.

Red Lobster coupons: The Red Lobster restaurant chain takes its name from the ' Eunephrops bairdii', aka the 'red lobster', which is endemic to the caribbean sea. It is an amazing animal and unfortunately for the lobsters, also an extremely tasty one.

Red Lobster coupon codes:

The Red Lobster coupon codes (or Red Lobster promo codes) below are typical examples of typye of numerical coupon that you need to enter online before your restaurant visit:

COUPON CODE: 81. Discount of 4$.

COUPON CODE: 99108. Buy one get one free coupon code.

Please note that these promo codes expire quickly and may not be valid any more.

For more Red Lobster coupons and coupon codes, please see our page:


The Red l0bster Fresh Catch Club:

This is Red lobster’s own excellent loyalty club, that gives you some unique deals that are only available to Fresh Catch members. Membership is free and takes a few minutes, just visit

By joining you will be entitled to a free birthday gift (as long as you sign up at least 7 days before your birthday). And you will also be first in line for some excellent printable Red Lobster coupons. For example, the club has just released 3$ and 4$ off coupons for Fresh catch members only. See the relevant page for more details.

If you haven’t yet visited the amazing Red Lobster restaurants then its definately time to go.

If you still haven’t taken advantage of the coupon discount system, then have a look at this great video:

-Please come back regularly for the latest Red Lobster coupon deal on our coupon page. If you have found a newer valid coupon code online, then please share it with others in the comment section below.

For more information on the Red Lobster Menu, please see our page:


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